Happening Circle

jschatz-happeningcircle $ 3,750

Elegant and complex, the Happening Circle is a captivating piece that demands attention. Composed of 66 individual stoneware shapes that are mirror finished in  platinum glaze and arranged in a circle of six cables. Each cable hangs eleven stoneware shapes. Highly reflective and always captivating.


Stoneware Sculpture composed of 66 Individual Pieces attached to 6 Stainless Steel Hanging Cables
Dimensions:  6' High x 17" Diameter (Each Shape is 5 1/2" High x 4" Diameter)
Total Weight: 66 Pounds
Signed and Stamped by J Schatz
Limited Edition


    We view all our pieces as collectable one of a kind works of art. We handcraft each piece in our Providence, RI studio using a process and finish that is uniquely our own with a design aesthetic that is always true to our mission and vision that we will pursue throughout our life.  Learn more about us and our Satisfaction Guarantee.