J Schatz Press Release - September 19, 2018


September 19, 2018

Jim Schatz
J Schatz


PROVIDENCE, RI — Earlier this year we divided our collection into two distinct categories: J Schatz and J Schatz Earth. J Schatz is our playful, engaging, and colorful side and J Schatz Earth is our earthbound and primitive side with evidence of the hand. We enthusiastically pursued new works for both collections this year with a focus on lighting, installation, and objects.

J Schatz new works include Bubble Lamp Pairs, Happening Circle, Doodle Mobile, and Imbroglio Wall Sculpture. J Schatz Earth new works include Gold Amorphous Sculpture, Links and Buoys Wall installations, Amorphous Lamp Pairs, and Angles Table.

J Schatz Bubble Lamp Pairs

Our homage to space age design, the Bubble Lamp Pair is divine whether bookending a credenza or topping off nightstands. Assembled by hand from stoneware orbs that are placed offset from their base, and finished with a white linen shade. Dimensions: 18" Wide x 25 1/2" High Each. Available as a pair in platinum or white. Retail price is $950.

J Schatz Happening Circle

Elegant and complex, the Happening Circle is a captivating piece that demands attention. Composed of 66 individual stoneware shapes that are mirror finished in platinum glaze and arranged in a circle of six cables. Each cable hangs eleven stoneware shapes. Highly reflective and always captivating. Dimensions: 6' High x 17" Diameter (Each Shape is 5 1/2" High x 4" Diameter). Retail price is $3,750.

J Schatz Doodle Mobile

A product and process of chance, the J Schatz Doodle Mobile is no mere accent piece. The mobile's 14 stoneware clay extrusions envelop you in color and shape. Each piece is glazed on both sides in one of eight colors and stamped "J Schatz". Dimensions: 60" High x 28" Diameter. Retail price is $1750.

J Schatz Imbroglio Wall Sculpture

An entanglement, rendering chaos into order. The imbroglio wall drawing contains 12 squares, each a squiggly mass that appears to push against its own boundaries, yet is defined. Handbuilt from flattened white stoneware extrusions. Signed and stamped on the back. Dimensions: 36" High x 48" Wide x 1/2" Deep (Each Square is 11 1/2" High x 11 1/2" Wide). Retail price is $2,250.

J Schatz Earth Gold Amorphous Sculpture
We hand sculpted this amorphous sculpture from white stoneware clay, fired it twice and then overglaze fired it to a lustrous gold finish. Dimensions: 16 1/2" Wide x 22 - 22 1/2" High Each. Retail Price is $1,250.

J Schatz Earth Links
A slab-built wall sculpture of 38 intertwined stoneware links that descend to the floor. Red-brown clay is glazed on both sides in our 7 signature colors: fire orange, goldenrod yellow, light aqua, olive green, pink, sumac red, and white. Thoroughly modern, strong, shiny, and earthbound. Dimensions: 70" High x 36" Wide x 7" Deep (Each individual Link is 8" High x 6" Wide x 1/2" Thick). Retail Price is $2,850.

J Schatz Earth Buoys
Inspired by our love of Provincetown, the Buoys wall installation renders the nautical form in stoneware. 36 buoy shapes, candy-like in their color and texture, are linked by a white nylon hanging rope. Dimensions: 9 1/2' High x 6' Wide x 3" Deep (Each individual Buoy is 12" High x 3 1/4" Diameter). Retail Price is $3,600.

J Schatz Earth Amorphous Lamp Pairs
The White Amorphous Lamp Pair ground and illuminate a room. Hand sculpted from textured stoneware clay and finished in bronze, metallic black, platinum, or white. Bronze Dimensions: 16 1/2" Wide x 22 - 22 1/2" High Each. Metallic Black Dimensions: 17 1/2" Wide x 25 - 26 1/2" High Each. Platinum Dimensions: 16 1/2" Wide x 20 - 22 1/2" High Each. White Dimensions: 17 1/2" Wide x 36 - 37 1/2" High Each. Retail Price is $1,750 - $2,200.

J Schatz Earth Angles Table
Lines, angles, cutouts, and shadows converge to make a dynamic piece of art. Triangular tempered glass rests on a hand-built base that’s folded and molded from glossy stoneware. A beautifully functional one of a kind work. Signed and stamped on the bottom. Dimensions: 16" High x 33" Wide x 23" Deep. Retail Price is $2,250.

Studio Hours and Location
46 Dike St. Providence, RI 02909

Open T-F from 10am - 6pm and on weekends by appointment

Parking available in the lot next their building

Visitors will be able to see the handcrafted production process and purchase products direct from the studio. All sales are tax free thanks to Rhode Island's "State of the Arts" tax incentive program.

Studio Contact
Jim Schatz and Peter Souza
866-344-5267, 401-273-0500 Local

This Is What J Schatz Handmade Is
J Schatz creates objects that are at home in an inspired life. We love what we do and arrive at the studio each day motivated to create exceptional pieces of ceramic ware. Ware that will inspire you in your home. Simply put, we are redefining modern ceramics and have sold over 25,000 wonder-certified products since 2004. Yes we believe in this so much that we guarantee Wonder. Handmade in our Providence studio one at a time. Join us and please visit our studio, website, and follow us on instagram. @jschatzstudio

For more information please email Jim@JSchatz.com, visit JSchatz.com, or Call Toll Free 1-866-344-5267, 401-273-0500 Local/International. Download Print Quality Photos.

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