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J Schatz Porcelain White Happening Curtains
J Schatz Porcelain White Happening Curtains 2
J Schatz Porcelain White Happening Curtains 3

Porcelain White Happening Curtains

$ 60.00

Happening Curtains are the perfect room divider or decorative accent piece for your home, office, or studio. Each handcrafted porcelain curtain is elegantly hung from stainless steel cables.

“ A beaded curtain that swings more in the direction of art.”
- Lara Naaman, Wall Street Journal


Phone or email us to customize the curtain to fit your specific size requirements. The interlocking top shapes are 5.5” tall x 3.75” wide. The bottom shapes are 4.5" tall x 3.75" wide. You may also arrange for us to personally visit and help with the design and installation of your curtain.

PRICE: $60 per shape + stainless steel cable costs.


Happening Curtains are handmade by J Schatz in Providence, Rhode Island, and are Wonder-Certified. They are made to order.