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Excited About Our Four New Tableware Collections

We are excited to introduce you to four new tableware collections for 2017: JS 158, JS 159, JS 160 & JS 161.

JS 158 was originally designed the tableware in this collection in collaboration with chef Tony Esnault of Church & State for his new restaurant Spring located in downtown Los Angeles. We handmade and delivered 1,000 pieces to the restaurant. We decided to make the plates in this collection from a bright white stoneware clay body and the bowls and vessels from a bright white translucent porcelain clay body. The collection is the culmination of a process that started over year ago as our experiments with form and color opened us up to many possibilities. We narrowed the choices down to eight styles.

The JS 159 Tableware Collection is created in five rustic colors. We make the plates, bowls and vessels in the collection from a smooth, speckled-gray stoneware clay body.  The casting process leaves a wonderful mark on each plate. It is a signature that makes each one unique. Mix and match the plates to create your own custom collection.

We make the plates in the JS 160 Tableware Collection on the slab table and finish them in white with an edge of gold or silver. We use a warm white porcelain clay for the gold edged plates and a cool white porcelain clay for the silver edged plates. We flatten the clay and then carefully cut and form each plate by hand. It’s a process that yields an organic round shape.

JS 161 Wedding Plates are designed with a sunrise motif on the backside. These porcelain slab-built plates are customized with the initials of the people being married. They are the perfect dessert plates for that first piece of cake.

It is our hope that you will be inspired every time you set the table, plate a meal, and pick up a fork to enjoy what we have created. Below are a few selections representing the collections. View the entire collection here: J Schatz Tabletop Collection and here: J Schatz Earth Tabletop Collection

JS 158 Watercolor Tableware
JS 158 Bright White Tableware
JS 158 Platinum Sketch Tableware

JS 157 Speckled Stoneware Tableware

JS 160 Slab-Built Gold Tableware

JS 161 Wedding Plates