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About J Schatz


About J Schatz

It all started with an egg. Jim Schatz began creating lamps out of an NYC apartment, utilizing this shape that has fascinated humans forever. It inspired him to go into the woods of upstate New York, living in a creek-side cabin and creating homes and feeders for his new feathered friends. Soon, more products called to him: sculpture, décor, tabletop, planters, and new kinds of lighting. A total J Schatz world emerged.

Jim Schatz and Peter Souza

Jim Schatz & Peter Souza

Then love happened...turning his world upside down and making it right all at once. When Jim met Peter Souza, it was an instant connection. Both gentlemen said “yes!” to uprooting their respective lives, joining forces, and creating something wonderful. This has brought them and the J Schatz studio to Providence, where they are partners in the company together.

The world of J Schatz is driven by love, a sense of wonder, and the desire to create beautiful products out of clay. Everything is designed by Jim and Peter, and brought to life with a team of local artisans. It is their hope that the world of J Schatz will become a happy part of yours.

J Schatz Studio

Under One Roof

J Schatz products are made in-house of stoneware–durable natural materials. Our Providence studio is designed to handle all aspects of our operation. Keeping it all under one roof ensures quality control over every aspect of our production. To keep our carbon footprint small, we use an exclusive U.S. based supplier network for our raw materials and manufactured components and employ local artists, reducing commuter-CO2. By investing in local businesses we strengthen and support our community.

J Schatz Studio

Handcrafted Responsibly

J Schatz products are efficiently handcrafted and assembled. Our "hands-on" production process is flexible and unique to each product we make and involves daily monitoring of the casting, cleaning, glazing and firing processes. We use energy efficient kilns and fire in quantities as needed, preventing unnecessary production and related costs and waste. Recycled and biodegradable packaging materials are used to ensure the safe arrival of your J Schatz product.

J Schatz Nut Bird House


We certify that the products we make are inspired by wonder. Each day we arrive at the studio motivated to work hard and create exceptional pieces of ceramic ware. We live to capture beauty, be surprised, and solve creative problems with innovative designs. Most importantly, we love what we do. Over 25,000 wonder-certified ceramic products have been sold since 2004 to satisfied customers throughout all fifty states and in 14 countries around the world. Handmade with wonder in our Providence studio one at a time.

J Schatz Hummingbird Feeder

100% Wonder-Certified Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your wonder-certified J Schatz purchase. We will refund 100% of the product cost if you are not satisfied with your product for any reason. If unsatisfied, notify J Schatz within five business days of receipt of goods and return the goods in the original package without damage. We will refund your money after we receive the goods in the original package without damage. You will only be responsible for return shipping charges.