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Feeling like we just got back from a dig

The A17-1 Desk Lamp looks as if it were dug from an ancient architectural ruin. We created the original years ago and had a difficult time producing it from the mold we made. It is a very complex object to successfully caste, dry and fire. Our efforts paid off. The result is a modern artifact. We finished the lamp in a gorgeous metallic lava glaze and fitted it with a long-life led bulb. The process challenged us and we are proud to have persisted in our efforts. We hope you appreciate the finished product as much as we do. View the A17-1 Desk Lamp here: J Schatz A17-1 Desk Lamp

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Happy to have pets in our studio and bread in the oven

We had Rosie and Moo Moo in the studio last week for the photo shoot for Utilità (Italian for “utility”), our newest collection of stoneware objects for every member of your family. All creatures deserve a well-designed bowl, and we present our first product for your furry friends –the Utilità Pet Bowl. Rosie the dog loves hers, and Moo Moo the rabbit looks very stylish with the pink one. There is a perfect color for every pet. In fact the bowls are so beautiful that we also started using them in the kitchen. The small size is perfect for prep work, and the large one multi-tasks for any hot or cold item. Oven safe to 450°, you can bake beautiful breads, pot...

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Feeling thankful to Wooden Grain

A big thank you to Justin and Christopher at Wooden Grain for their beautiful profile piece about us. Wooden Grain is a company that works with others to produce stories that speak to viewers. In their own words "we're working on providing a variety of well-curated content that keeps lives inspired, motivated, and driven to do something more. Content that revolves around a creative community and culture that we hope to foster through our work." We are happy to have made their acquaintance and hope to inspire others as they have inspired us.  View the entire piece here: View the video here: Photo courtesy of Wooden Grain.

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Excited About Our Four New Tableware Collections

We are excited to introduce you to four new tableware collections for 2017: JS 158, JS 159, JS 160 & JS 161. JS 158 was originally designed the tableware in this collection in collaboration with chef Tony Esnault of Church & State for his new restaurant Spring located in downtown Los Angeles. We handmade and delivered 1,000 pieces to the restaurant. We decided to make the plates in this collection from a bright white stoneware clay body and the bowls and vessels from a bright white translucent porcelain clay body. The collection is the culmination of a process that started over year ago as our experiments with form and color opened us up to many possibilities. We narrowed the choices down to...

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Feeling the Community

We moved into our studio in the Olneyville section of Providence a little over a year ago and are inspired everyday by the community we found here. The neighborhood is changing fast and we are at the forefront of making sure that the mill buildings in the area find homes for artists to live and work in. We believe this area is one of the final frontiers in the urban U.S. market where an artist can afford to own their studio and live space and we are doing whatever it takes to secure the remaining buildings in our area for this purpose. If you are an artists looking for a new place to call home please contact us and we will guide you...

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