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Taking a Trip and Feeling Color (or absence of color)

Jim took a trip to North Dakota to visit family and was inspired by his brother Darren's powder coating operation. Color was applied to tanks, car parts, stairways and small parts in a glossy finish that reminded Jim of the J Schatz line. So much in fact that we decided to make it part of our process and evolve our classic designs. The results stunned us. Life is a wonder and we never know where we will end up.Take a moment to experience these new additions to our line. Some are brand new, and others are an evolution of our designs. Our classic bird feeders and house have progressed with the addition (or absence) of color. Experience our new 3 Footed Planters, Cilindro Vases, Out of Shape Vases...

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Feeling the bud, mug, and other sculptural forms

We are happy to announce several new additions to our line including Bud Vases and Circulo Bud Vases in stoneware and porcelain, the one of a kind Tabletop Odyssey 1 sculpture, and the Brutal Mug in porcelain. All items are now available for purchase in our Holiday Gift Guide, along with a selection of other great gift ideas. Shop Holiday Gift Guide Circulo Bud Vases in Stoneware Circulo Bud Vases in Porcelain Bud Vases in Stoneware Bud Vases in Porcelain Brutal Mug in Porcelain Tabletop Odyssey 1

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Excited to be part of #designweekri this year! Check out our lunchtime event 9/22.

Excited to be part of #designweekri this year! Check out our lunchtime event 9/22: Concept to Marketplace: Frustrations and Fulfillment in Developing a Design into ProductWe will walk you through the steps we use to successfully concept, prototype, produce, and market a new product. We want to inspire you to create and design objects. We have developed many processes for creating a product (design object) that we want to share with you.We will share the joy and frustration, the beauty, and the literal dirt (clay). Implementation requires constant refinement and assessment to achieve success or to realize if an idea needs to be abandoned. We live to capture beauty, be surprised, and solve creative problems with innovative designs. Most importantly,...

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Feeling like we just got back from a dig

The A17-1 Desk Lamp looks as if it were dug from an ancient architectural ruin. We created the original years ago and had a difficult time producing it from the mold we made. It is a very complex object to successfully caste, dry and fire. Our efforts paid off. The result is a modern artifact. We finished the lamp in a gorgeous metallic lava glaze and fitted it with a long-life led bulb. The process challenged us and we are proud to have persisted in our efforts. We hope you appreciate the finished product as much as we do. View the A17-1 Desk Lamp here: J Schatz A17-1 Desk Lamp

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