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Feeling Grateful to the Edible Rhody Community

We are humbled and grateful for the care and understanding that Christine Chitnis took in telling our story for her feature in the Winter 2017 Issue of Edible Rhody. Christine visited our studio this fall for a studio tour, which lead to a story that she arranged with Genie McPherson Trevor, the editor in chief.

But it is actually a little more involved, because everything is connected. Here is the back story and why we are always inspired by our home in Providence. Jan Dane of Stock Culinary Goods actually carries some of our work and is always bragging about us to those who enter the store. Jan actually brags about all the local artists she carries in the store and is a champion in the food community in Providence. Christine and Genie visit the store and were thus introduced to our work which led to the visit by Christine. So after the initial visit by Christine, Genie arranged a visit to pick items for a photo shoot that Christine would photograph, because she is not only a great writer, but excellent photographer - visit her blog to see more. 

Genie was not alone when she visited our studio and she came with the amazing Champe Spiedel of Persimmon. They picked an assortment of items to photograph, including sculptural items that we never before thought of "tableware". We were so inspired by their visit and the great connection we made with Champe that we created one of a kind porcelain oyster shells for Persimmon. Champe also loved our metallic black speckled bowls and porcelain sauce vessels, which you will see in use if you visit the restaurant.

The shoot was done at Persimmon with everyone involved. Christine, Genie, and Peter styled the shots, while Champe prepared an amazing array of inspired dishes. It was a great experience for all involved and we are grateful to be in a community with such talented people around us.

We hope that Christine's story will inspire you. Eat, cook, and be happy.

Edible Rhody Winter 2017

Edible Rhody - J Schatz Handmade

Edible Rhody - J Schatz Handmade

Edible Rhody - J Schatz Handmade