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Feeling lucky to have a summer filled with flowers

Feeling lucky to have a summer filled with flowers. Especially the dahlias which were a first for us. Every morning for the past two months we awake to new blooms in the raised bed where they are growing like the monster prehistoric plants that they are. In addition to this bed is Peter's world of flower beds and shrubs which generate blooms from the first days of Spring until the last leaf has fallen later this Fall. It is a wonderland here on our "farm".

The new vessels were photographed with our flowers that came from all parts of the farm. Especially inspiring to me personally is the wildflower garden right outside the studio doors where the goldfinches hide, bees buzz, and hummingbirds take to the nectar of the sweetest bud they can find.

Plant something that blooms if you can. It will inspire you too. The photos below were taken today. It's a magical time of year.