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Feeling Thankful

Feeling thankful for many things great and small. Our connection to nature, our friends and family, our studio space, and being able to create.

Creating is the foundation, it is life, and it grounds us. Our imagination is full. We waver from production to art - to design - to function. We transition often and have to be secret and clever. Drop hints, build it in background and leave a trail and then one day open the doors and never look back.

The future is full of surprises.

It will be plates, bowls, mugs sometimes.

It will be vessels sometimes.

It will be lighting sometimes.

It will be furniture sometimes.

It will be wall work sometimes.

Feature items from our bird collection. Maybe a nightlight.

"Sometimes you have to go back to white." - Kazimir Malevich. Or something like that.

Feeling thankful most all to my loving partner Peter. Our adventure together continues...

Peter in Maine