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Inspired to be outdoors with our new Orb Bird House, Rope Swings, and Bird Baths

  • by James Schatz

Feeling inspired to be outdoors with our new Orb Bird Houses, Rope Swings, and re-realeased Bird Baths in bold, bright colors. 

J Schatz Orb Bird Houses

J Schatz Orb Bird House in Yellow

Mesmerizing when viewed as a complete collection, the Orb Bird House is the latest addition to our J Schatz Bird product line. The 1 3/8” diameter entry hole attracts chickadees, nuthatches, warblers and smaller birds. Available in six complementary colors: pink, olive, orange peel, light aqua, goldenrod yellow, and sumac red.

 J Schatz Rope Swings

J Schatz Rope Swings

Swing indoors or out on a J Schatz Rope Swing. The durable and glossy seat is created from a 1/2" thick slab of stoneware that is attached to a 15' white nylon hanging rope. Available in seven bright colors: light aqua, sumac red, goldenrod yellow, bright white, orange peel, pink, and olive. 

J Schatz Bird Baths

J Schatz Bird Baths

Liberated from its pedestal, the J Schatz Bird Bath is free to soar from a sturdy tree branch. This unique stoneware basin has a 3” lip and talon grip edge that will give your feathered friends a comfortable place to land. Glazed on top in seven glossy colors with a bright white bottom and hung with a white nylon rope, the J Schatz bird bath will be a graceful addition to your property.



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