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J Schatz Bronze Egg Bank
J Schatz Metallic Black Egg Bank
J Schatz Bright White Egg Bank
J Schatz Metallic Black Egg Bank

Egg Banks

$ 155.00

Egg Banks

Put your money into a nest egg by dropping coins and stuffing bills into the J Schatz Egg Bank. With an elegant vertical opening on its stoneware surface, the Egg Bank is a perfect receptacle for money. With a capacity to hold 307 quarters, 559 dimes, 278 nickels and 1,350 pennies, you would have $160.05 to use as you wish. Available in three colors.


Dimensions: 8" High x 6" Wide
Weight: 1 Pound
Handcrafted Stoneware Egg
Felt Protected Bottom with a Hole and Rubber Stopper


Egg Banks are handmade by J Schatz in Providence, Rhode Island, and have a Wonder-Certified 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.