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Feeling Au Naturel

Pride month is here and the perfect time to launch the Au Naturel Series. A series to inspire and embrace a communal effort to exist free-form, magically bound by peace and transparency to realize a generation of free thinkers living within the power of love where no shame, pain, or hurt is allowed.

The work depicts individuals in search of balance, sexuality, and healing. Slab-built stoneware figures and paintings of people on ceramic objects including vases and tableware.

It is a gay mans reflection on the past and the elusive balance of life after coming out. A journey more than 30 years in the making. Something still unsettled, off balance, erotic, charged, political, criminal, pasé, ripe, neurotic, happy, empowered, and combative.

Life does not always get better, sometimes it just slogs on. Find ways to be in the moment and full of power. Once you find yourself you can share that inspiration with others, or at least the journey to get there.

Wherever the there is; most eloquently and reflexively referenced in Thomas the Obscure by Maurice Blanchot and so simply in the White on White paintings of Kazimir Malevich: a return to zero.

The mantra is simple. Take yourself out of context and always freshly look at your work and your relation to your self and the environment you find yourself partaking in. Find inspiration in the journey and do not focus on intent.

I hope you enjoy the work and find the same inspiration, laughter, and joy as I found making it.

Au Naturel Figure Series 1: Stretch, Bend, Release

Au Naturel Tableware Series 1: All Together Now

Au Naturel Vase Series 1: Boots Only Please