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Feeling Light Headed

Shapes and forms inspire and intrigue. Movement, light, color, weight, scale, and texture inform the decisions that need to be made to create a finished work. Sometimes this process happens quickly and sometimes it take years to realize.

The form used to create the Figure 8 Table Lamp took many years, fifteen in fact, to realize. Once used as a shape to create a sculptural wall installation at our first studio in upstate New York, we anchored this form with a rustic stoneware base that "cements" it in place as a tribute to the installation. Seeing the lamp as part of the new Bold and Bright Table Lamp Collection is wonderfully fulfilling.

Be inspired and don't let go of your vision because the payoff is worth the wait!

One of the sculptural walls created using the figure 8 shape in upstate New York.

The Figure 8 Table Lamp in the Bright and Bold Table Lamp Collection