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Feeling balance in the comic drama of daily routine

In deference to a year of challenges we keep making new work. Work that is fun, motivating, and tongue in cheek. Beginning this summer and into the fall we began painting, sketching, and sculpting the series Days of the Week. The work continues to evolve and we have several pieces completed as tableware and vases. More work, including large scale sculptural work will be coming in the new year.

Days of the Week Series:

Each day is a new day. We get up, stretch, move, and contort our bodies in order to find peace, salvation, and the lost evidence of our selves. We exercise to find balance in our movements.

Our inner sanctum is sacred and we do whatever it takes to preserve it. Even if we fake it, it feels good to breath and find freedom in our skin and with our unique sexuality. To be free and in love with ourself and each other. To find comfort with our place in the world.

This series is a reflection on life as a gay man and the comic drama of daily routines. We applaud all expressions of love and hope this inspires you to find comedy in your daily routine.

View Days of the Week Tableware

View Days of the Week Bud Vases