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Feeling Colorful - New Planters in 16 Colors

For fun we took sixteen of our signature colors and used them to maximum effect by combining them in pairs to reintroduce our two-piece Planters. We consulted the Johannes Itten Color Star and came up with color combinations that were fun and harmonic together.

Based on a Roman goblet, the planter consists of a chalice-shaped vessel (with drainage hole), that sits on a watertight base. The all-in-one design keeps the look sleek. Available in 8 combinations or made to order in any of our 17 signature colors.

Planters in 16 Colors

Jim examines the Planters details.

The Planters are two-piece - a top with drain hole and a water-tight base that catches excess water.

Planter in Goldenrod Yellow and Moss Green

 Planter in Orange Peel and Ginger

Planter in Light Aqua and Walnut Brown

Planter in Sumac Red and Plum

 Planter in Pink and Burnt Red

 Planter in Olive and Jacaranda Purple

Planter in Midnight Blue and Bittersweet Orange

Planter in Bright White and Slate Grey