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Making it Round & Round

Maybe it was the unique combination of materials, the elegant yet modern design, or the fact that it was something I could use every day and appreciate for years to come. Whatever it was, I was grateful for the opportunity to unleash my creativity and bring this beautiful lamp to life. 

The first step was to design and gather all the necessary materials, which included stoneware orb shapes, a wooden center and base, a correctly proportioned linen white shade, wood stain and finish, stoneware glaze colors, and all the necessary lamp components.

Next, I started the process of creating the ceramic pieces, which involved cleaning the clay shapes into the desired form, firing it in the kiln, and then glazing it with the chosen colors. This part of the process was incredibly satisfying, as I love the feeling of getting my hands dirty and molding the clay into something beautiful and functional.

Once the ceramic pieces were ready, it was time to work on the wood components. We stained, varnished, and then polished each piece with a natural oil to create a subtle glossy finish.

Finally, it was time to assemble everything together. When I switched on the lamp, the warm glow from the bulb beautifully illuminated the lamp base and caste a soft and inviting light in the room.

As I stood back and admired my creation, I felt an immense sense of satisfaction and pride. Making something with your own hands is always a rewarding experience, but there was something special about this lamp that made it feel even more meaningful.

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