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Feeling the power of the Color Star

The Color Star developed by Johannes Itten is our go to formula for color. It can be both a hindrance and a blessing. We map our thirteen signature colors to the star and strive to create combinations that create harmonic balance.

The system when mapped properly to the colors in our collection produces combinations that are unexpected and balanced. A hindrance sometimes because the Color Star results might appear in discord and the adjustments necessary might take days or weeks to understand. Notes are made and prototypes are created until just the right combinations present themself and fulfill all of our senses. And sometimes it just instantly clicks. Harmony, check, balance, check, happiness, check.

It's the power of the Color Star and we thank Mr. Itten for creating a useful tool for engaging thoughtfully, scientifically, and intuitively with color.

The Color StarThe Color Star with our signature colors handwritten on the star.

Notes for the creation of the According To... Table Lamp CollectionNotes mapping color combinations for the According To... Table Lamp Collection.