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Giftland Dreamscapes

Imagine a holiday season where no purchase is necessary. We appreciate this sentiment and offer you our dreamscape reality. Our dreamscapes are product placements in alternate realities to encourage the belief in a place that is transitory (because really isn't life transitory) and shamelessly sell the said product as a gift during the holiday season for those who choose to augment this transitory place with a real object gift. No purchase is necessary.

All dreamscapes depicted are to be enjoyed without feeling obligated to buy because we already have too many things anyway. But are they the right things? We still make our products and do so because we feel they are the right things and would most likely would lose our minds without the obligation of making them. Hopefully not adding too much to an overcrowded world.

The buy nothing movement is a good thing and we have definitely given away many things that don't fit. We only make what we do because we couldn't live without them. Maybe we could but we would not be as happy. So it is self-gratification on one level and the joy we feel when someone else has the same experience that we do when living with our work. That joy is pure happiness.

Go ahead and add something if you feel right about it and give something away too.

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