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Now Celebrating 17 Years!

We have been making ceramic objects since 2004 and over 28,000 wonder-certified products have been sold around the world. Handmade in our studio one at a time. A studio that has moved from New York to Los Angeles, then Providence, and now finally to its forever home in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

We started J Schatz in 2004 as a place for playful, glossy, and bright utilitarian objects and decor that were engaging and fun. Our handmade ceramics appeared as if they were machine made because of the methods we developed to create a precise, refined object that was glazed to mirror-finish perfection. The line was modern and many of the items have become design classics.

Peter joined the company in 2014 and encouraged unique forms, textures, and finishes that were brutal, earthbound, and primitive. There is evidence of the hand in this work with objects that are mis-shaped and crude with complex, rich, and bold color. This work is now J Schatz Earth.

Many of our customers have become friends and loyal supporters. We have been recognized by many curators, editors, and designers in the industry for our innovate design and aesthetic. Some of our products are iconic.

We are lucky to be inspired and will continue to create beautiful work as long as inspiration keeps us faithful to our wonder-filled roots.

We hope that you too will become a friend and supporter. Please view our work that is divided into our two collections: J Schatz and J Schatz Earth. We would love to have you along for the journey.