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Suddenly it's Winter in Maine

Winter feels real as the temperature dips below 20° and snow blankets the landscape. The skies appear bluer and the sea looks dangerous. It is actually exciting to be out for a spell until the cold penetrates the layers and you need to warm up again. Peter has made 30° the minimum allowed for a hike in the woods.

We have our feeders placed strategically out in the yard out to attract the birds and watch them from the warmth of the house or studio. Chickadees, nuthatches, and titmice are the most frequent visitors right now. The squirrels who usually eat what has dropped on the ground have disappeared after this last snowfall.

Out on a hike you can hear the chickadees before you spot them darting about in the thickest part of the forest. To be out in the landscape is the best part of our new life here in Maine. We are so grateful to have found this beautiful spot to live and work.

We look forward to each hike and the discoveries ahead as many of the most fascinating parts are hidden in plain sight. People here do not boast of their wonderland but are humbled by it. We accept this tradition and will keep the secrets to ourselves, follow inspiration, and point the way for others to make the discovery for themselves.

Best wishes to all for a life filled with discovery, nature, and adventure. We hope that you all have a wonder-filled holiday season and new year.

Egg Bird Feeder in our front yard

J Schatz Egg Bird Feeder

Mobile Bird Feeder near our driveway

Mobile Bird Feeder near our driveway

Bistro Bird Feeder near the studio

Bistro Bird Feeder

Nut Bird House at the edge of our property

Nut Bird House

Egg Bird House on the back hill

Egg Bird House

Our Studio overlooking West Harbor Pond

J Schatz Studio

The ocean from Ocean Point Walk 

The sea from Ocean Point Walk