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"One bird feeder became two, then three. Years passed."

Feeding the birds in your backyard will open up a whole new world to you and your family.

A couple days ago Peter read the article The Birds Are Outside by Dan Sinker in the NY Times "One bird feeder became two, then three. Months passed."

It was a delight to know that others were experiencing the bird world as we first did 16 years ago. The problems we faced with our first feeders inspired us to design a better feeder. One that was both beautiful and functional so that the focus would always be on the bird, or that the feeder would not detract from the bird by its unsightly appearance.

So we started with our first feeder, the Egg Bird Feeder. It worked beautifully and was a hit with others. In fact after being named one of the 25 Best Products of the Year by Fortune in 2004 it effectively launched our company to a wider audience. We have made and sold thousands over the years and knew this was just the beginning. Our passion has grown over the years as we designed additional feeders, houses, and even a bird bath to complement the Egg Bird Feeder.

We designed the Bistro Bird Feeder for smaller birds. It is a vertical tube shaped feeder with cover to protect seeds from wet weather. Our Mobile Bird Feeder is a horizontal tube feeder that dips and spins when birds feed from it creating a fun and captivating way to watch the birds eat. For the hummingbirds we created a gravity fed Hummingbird Feeder that "floats on the breeze" with a design that mimics a flower. It was a hit with those of us who did not like using the plastic feeders on the market.

Also during this time we created two types of bird houses for the Spring nesting season. Our first was the Egg Bird House created with a 1 1/8” diameter entry hole attracts chickadees, wrens, and smaller birds. Next we designed the Nut Bird House, a pole-mounted, stoneware house for wild birds like bluebirds, chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches. It was an instant success with the bluebirds in Vermont where we took the first completed house. Within a few hours of mounting the house in the backyard a bluebird couple arrived to make their nest inside. The photos we have on the site were taken with this first bluebird couple. They successfully created the nest and hatched their young inside. 

In the past few years we have also designed and created a stoneware Bird Bath and the Orb Bird House.

It is our hope that you discover feeding, housing, and watching the birds. We know that you will be inspired and filled with joy for years to come.

Happy bird watching!

J Schatz Bird Collection

J Schatz Bird Collection