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J Schatz Press Release - July 18, 2017


July 18, 2017

Jim Schatz
J Schatz


PROVIDENCE, RI — J Schatz is pleased to introduce the release of our first desk lamp - the A17-1.

The Desk Lamp A17-1 is a modern artifact created from a dream of ancient architectural ruins. The original was sculpted into a freestanding desk lamp shape that we caste in stoneware and finish in a gorgeous metallic lava glaze. The A17-1 Desk Lamp is fitted with a long-life led bulb.

Dimensions: 15" High x 7" Wide x 3" Deep. Weight: 1 1/2 Pounds. Light Source: 2 Watt, 3,000K, 20,0000 hour LED Lamp (88 lumens - equivalent to a 6 watt bulb), Retail Price: $225.

Studio Hours and Location
46 Dike St. Providence, RI 02909

Open M-F from 10am - 6pm and on weekends by appointment

Parking available in the lot next their building

Visitors will be able to see the handcrafted production process and purchase products direct from the studio. All sales are tax free thanks to Rhode Island's "State of the Arts" tax incentive program.

Studio Contact
Jim Schatz and Peter Souza
866-344-5267, 401-273-0500 Local

This Is What J Schatz Handmade Is
J Schatz is made in Rhode Island, Wonder-Certified™ & Guaranteed. Working from their studio in Providence, Jim, Peter, and the team take inspired ideas and create ceramic ware that is molded, pierced, scratched, carved, drilled, glazed and fired into beautifully finished products.

For more information please email, visit, or Call Toll Free 1-866-344-5267, 401-273-0500 Local/International. Download Print Quality Photos.

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