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J Schatz Press Release - June 7, 2018


June 7, 2018

Jim Schatz
J Schatz


PROVIDENCE, RI — Say hello to summer with a backyard full of color. Introducing our new Orb Bird Houses, Rope Swings, and the relaunch of our Bird Baths and JS 158 Tableware Line. These are all part of our J Schatz Collection, which you know is playful, glossy, and bright.

J Schatz Orb Bird Houses
Mesmerizing when viewed as a complete collection, the Orb Bird House is the latest addition to our J Schatz Bird product line. The 1-3/8” diameter entry hole attracts chickadees, nuthatches, warblers and smaller birds. Available in six complementary colors: pink, olive, orange peel, light aqua, goldenrod yellow, and sumac red. Retail price is $165.

J Schatz Rope Swings
Swing indoors or out on a J Schatz Rope Swing. The durable and glossy seat is created from a 1/2" thick slab of stoneware that is attached to a 15' white nylon hanging rope. Available in seven bright colors: light aqua, sumac red, goldenrod yellow, bright white, orange peel, pink, and olive. Retail price is $195.

J Schatz Bird Baths
Liberated from its pedestal, the J Schatz Bird Bath is free to soar from a sturdy tree branch. This unique stoneware basin has a 3” lip and talon grip edge that will give your feathered friends a comfortable place to land. Glazed on top in seven glossy colors with a bright white bottom and hung with a white nylon rope, the J Schatz bird bath will be a graceful addition to your property. Retail price is $305.

JS 158 Tableware
Hang it on the wall or eat off it? The choice is yours. We made our gorgeous tableware even more so by glazing the bright white stoneware in vibrant layers of translucent color washes. The handcrafted stoneware plates have a pleasing heft, with a matte white underside and glossy eating surface. Generously sized dinner plates have a slight lip edge, allowing plenty of room to plate your best creations. Our translucent porcelain bowls are light but durable, with contrasting unglazed exterior and glossy interior. All pieces are designed to withstand everyday living, while looking good enough for a special occasion. Available in Watercolor, White, Orange Peel, Pink, Light Aqua, and Olive. Four piece place setting retail price is $275-$305 and contains a 12 1/2" Dinner Platter, 10 3/4" Appetizer Plate, 5 1/2" Bread & Bread Plate, and a 9 3/4" Salad Bowl. Additional pieces include a translucent porcelain Water Vessel and Sauce Vessel.

Studio Hours and Location
46 Dike St. Providence, RI 02909

Open T-F from 10am - 6pm and on weekends by appointment

Parking available in the lot next their building

Visitors will be able to see the handcrafted production process and purchase products direct from the studio. All sales are tax free thanks to Rhode Island's "State of the Arts" tax incentive program.

Studio Contact
Jim Schatz and Peter Souza
866-344-5267, 401-273-0500 Local

This Is What J Schatz Handmade Is
J Schatz creates objects that are at home in an inspired life. We love what we do and arrive at the studio each day motivated to create exceptional pieces of ceramic ware. Ware that will inspire you in your home. Simply put, we are redefining modern ceramics and have sold over 25,000 wonder-certified products since 2004. Yes we believe in this so much that we guarantee Wonder. Handmade in our Providence studio one at a time. Join us and please visit our studio, website, and follow us on instagram. @jschatzstudio

For more information please email, visit, or Call Toll Free 1-866-344-5267, 401-273-0500 Local/International. Download Print Quality Photos.

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