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J Schatz Bittersweet Orange Bistro Bird Feeder
J Schatz Moss Green Bistro Bird Feeder
J Schatz Goldenrod Yellow Bistro Bird Feeder
J Schatz Light Aqua Bistro Bird Feeder
J Schatz Sumac Red Bistro Bird Feeder
J Schatz Bright White Bistro Bird Feeder
J Schatz Light Aqua Bistro Bird Feeder

Bistro Bird Feeders

$ 175.00

For a bird lover that lives in a wet climate, the Bistro Bird Feeder is a perfect choice. They feature a single stoneware feeding tube suspended by a vinyl coated wire with an aluminum cover that slides up the wire to reveal a fill hole. Birds eat from one of four feeding holes that are positioned on each side of the Bistro Bird Feeder. Easy to use, durable, squirrel proof, and available in six glossy colors.

  • Dimensions: 11 1/2" High x 10" Diameter
  • Weight: 3 1/2 Pounds
  • Handcrafted Glossy Stoneware Feeding Tube with Top Fill Hole (located under cover), Four Feeding Holes, Four Aluminum Perch Poles and One Drainage Hole to prevent water accumulation
  • Custom Spun Aluminum Cover easily lifted to reveal Fill Hole
  • Vinyl Coated Hanging Wire sealed in Feeding Tube with a Rubber Washer
  • Easy to Use Seed Scoop and User Guide
  • Holds 9 1/2 cups Bird Seed


Bistro Bird Feeders are easy to use. To fill the Bistro Bird Feeder with bird food you simply lift the aluminum cover to reveal the top fill hole and fill. Each Bistro Bird Feeder holds 9 1/2 cups of bird food and comes with an easy to use seed scoop and user-guide. We recommend using black oil sunflower seeds for optimal Bistro Bird Feeder performance. View the complete Bistro Bird Feeder User Guide.


Bistro Bird Feeders are handmade by J Schatz in Providence, Rhode Island, and have a Wonder-Certified 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.