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Hummingbird Feeders

$ 350

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Available in 1 Color - Ready to Ship

No more cheap, plastic feeders that offend the eye! The J Schatz Hummingbird Feeder answers the call for an eye-catching design that functions beautifully. Bulb-shaped with a bell opening, the feeder’s point of contact is a complimentary color stamen. We offer one brilliant color combination to attract these jewel-like birds: red hot with a sun-yellow stamen. Additional custom colors can be made to order here.

“A hummingbird feeder that floats on the breeze.”
- Sara Barrett, New York Times


Handcrafted Stoneware
Holds 1 ½ cups of nectar (1 part sugar dissolved in 4 parts water)
Dimensions: 6 1/2" High x 4 3/4" Wide
Weight: 1 Pound
Suspended by a Vinyl Coated Hanging Wire
One Fill Hole secured by a Rubber Stopper
U.S. Patent #D652,175


View the Hummingbird Feeder User Guide for how to fill and maintain your feeder.


The J Schatz Hummingbird Feeder is a gravity-fed hummingbird feeder. All gravity-fed hummingbird feeders will occasionally drip due to changes in the atmospheric pressure. To reduce dripping we recommend always filling the feeder completely with cool nectar before hanging. We also recommend hanging the feeder in a location where the drips will not be a problem to clean up.


We handcraft Hummingbird Feeders in our Trail's End studio using a process and finish that is uniquely our own with a design aesthetic that is always true to our vision.

The world of J Schatz is driven by love, a sense of wonder, and the desire to solve problems with innovative design.

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