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Feeling Balanced or Faking It

Faking it sometimes until we get the right combination of elements to satisfy our desire to create something that feels right and hits all our buttons. An object incorporating design, function, playfulness, movement, technology, and a multitude of ceramic techniques including mold making, casting, cutting, sanding, cleaning, glazing, and firing into one finished product. Always by hand, learning and perfecting our skills to make it balanced and real.

Today we make it real by introducing you to our playfully exuberant Bilanciato Pendants.

This is one of the first products to use molds that we created in house. We usually design our product originals and then have our partners in Mississippi or California create the molds we use in production. It kept our process tight. That changes today. We have taken the plunge to see what discoveries we can make while making the molds and it allows us to discover new ideas along the way. It is more time consuming and challenging and worth all the effort.

Bilanciato is Italian for balance. We started with a sketch of a line balancing on a circle and brought our drawing to life by suspending it mid-air and adding color. Created in stoneware, Bilanciato Pendants are a dynamic composition. Balanced on a flat-sided ring, a hollow tube with integrated fully dimmable warm white LEDs shines light downward through two 6" slits. A slight breeze or the touch of the hand might upset the balanced composition but these pendants eventually find their way back to the center. Designed to be used solo or in groups. Available in 7 combinations and made to order in any of our 16 signature colors. View the collection

Bilanciato Collection

Bilanciato Pendant Collection

Bilanciato Pendant Production - Cleaning

Bilanciato Pendant Production - Sanding and Finishing the 6" x 2" Light Holes

Bilanciato Pendant Production - Bisque Firing

Bilanciato Pendant Production - Bisque Firing the Light Tubes and Balancing Rings in the Kiln

Bilanciato Pendant Production - Glazing

Bilanciato Pendant Production - Glazing the Parts

Bilanciato Pendant Production - Glazed Red

Bilanciato Pendant Production - A Red Balancing Ring Glazed and Ready to Be Fired to Maturity

Bilanciato Pendant Production - Glazed and Ready to Be Fired

Bilanciato Pendant Production - Light Tubes Glazed and Ready to Be Fired to Maturity

Bilanciato Pendant Collection Detail 1

Bilanciato Pendant Collection Detail

Bilanciato Pendant Collection Detail 2

Bilanciato Pendant Collection Detail

Bilanciato Pendant Collection Detail 3

Bilanciato Pendant Collection Detail