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Feeling Inspired by Peter's Work

Peter is making beautiful work in his studio. His love of color, found objects, wood, and design come together in magical ways. Each work has a story that he uses as narrative glue to explain the complex interaction of objects that are literally held together with glue, screws, wire, and string. A fascinating and inspired body of work that is a true delight. I am proud to be his husband and number one fan.

"Most of what I am creating recently is about living within and surviving chaos. Finding a way to balance life and accept its imperfect mess while trying to arrange it. It’s been a cathartic and shocking surprise to see what is inside of me, at first disturbing, and then very comforting."

- Peter Souza Jr

View his collection online at or contact us to see the work in person in our second floor gallery above the studio at Powder Hill Farm. Follow Peter on Instagram @petersplaypen

Moscow by the Sea



Lost & Found

A Path to the Other Side