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Feeling Connected

Our new website features video of our bird products in context in a walk through Powder Hill Farm. We feel connected to nature and our work placed in the landscape outside our studio here is a reminder of how the work we create inspires the interactions we have in a cyclical fashion. We are at one with with the birds and our natural world and this inspires forays into all the other creations that we dream up and create in the studio.

We are grateful to be in this natural landscape. Feeding birds, providing a home for them to nest or a bath in a birdbath perfectly situated above a garden in bloom. It brings us joy and connects us to the world outside of the one we create inside.

Enjoy our walk and we will continue to share our view from here. Better still, plan a visit to see us here at the studio and we will walk through the farm together.

View our bird collection.

Egg Bird House and Nut Bird House

Egg Bird House and Nut Bird House on the back hill

Nut Bird House

Nut Bird House on the lower lawn

Egg Bird Feeder

Egg Bird Feeder in the front yard apple tree

Bistro Bird Feeder

Bistro Bird Feeder near the cottage

Nut Bird House

Nut Bird House on the back lawn

Mobile Bird Feeder

Mobile Bird Feeder along the driveway


Powder Hill Farm
(video may take a minute to load)