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Glad to have Undercover Utilitàs in our home

We have been prototyping the Utilità lids for years and are happy to share our finished product with you. It transforms our Utilità Bowl into a storage container and looks really good anywhere. The matte exterior lid hints at the glossy color inside. 

Easily stacked and stored in the refrigerator. We use them to store our leftovers, but we also bake breads and dinners. They are oven safe up to 450°. We serve with them because we are proud to show them off to our guests and friends. The heavy lid keeps things secure inside and keeps unwanted critters out. We use them daily and wash them in the dishwasher.

It's our go-to container, not because we make them, but because we like using them.

View the collection: Utilità Bowls Undercover

 Utilità Bowls Undercover

Utilità Bowls Undercover Stacked