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J Schatz Press Release - February 26, 2015


February 26, 2015

Jim Schatz
J Schatz


LOS ANGELES, CA — J Schatz introduces the JS 157 Porcelain and Stoneware Tableware Collection. It’s just a plate, but oh, what the right plate can do for your meals. Colors contrast, food looks more vibrant. You want some character and uniqueness in your tableware, even if you're enjoying a quick bowl of granola. The JS 157 tableware collection offers two materials: rustic stoneware and elegant porcelain. Both materials offer a satisfying heft, while still being light in the hand. The tactile surprise continues to the underside, where the raw unglazed surface is inscribed with pattern and our signature J.

Eclectic & Elegant
The originals in the collection were hand built and formed in the studio to elevate the dining experience and eliminate the boring sameness that occurs with most table settings. The plates and bowls in the collection have uneven edges and a wonderful character. We add visual interest to the exterior of our Rice/Cereal Bowl, Pasta/Soup Bowl, and Salad Plate by hand-etching the bottoms. We then mimic this etching on the surface of the Bread Plate, but leave the bottom smooth like the Dinner Plate/Platter. The collection is eclectic and elegant.

JS 157 Porcelain
The JS 157 Porcelain Tableware Collection, with its marvelous candy colors, will set the scene for a synth-pop soundtracked dinner party. We wish we could helicopter stacks of these plates to gray and cold places right now. The underside of the pieces is white, unglazed, translucent porcelain, inscribed with a lined pattern that will glow in the sun. Eight color options that look good enough to eat. Add some casual elegance to your family mealtime, or create your dream dinner party.

JS 157 Stoneware
The JS 157 Stoneware Tableware Collection has a speckled finish that comes through the glossy, earthy color palette. A vertical slipstain runs through the plates, makes each one unique. The underside of the stoneware pieces is earth-toned and unglazed with a pattern inscribed by hand. Eight color options, including a gorgeous platinum that will look right in both cabin and penthouse.

Care & Use
Dishwasher Safe. Food Safe. We use non-toxic, lead-free glaze and clay in all of our products and high-fire each piece to maturity.

JS 157 Porcelain Price, Dimensions, and Color
PRICE: 5 Piece Place Setting: $295, Dinner Plate/Platter: $90, Salad/Desert Plate: $55, Bread Plate: $40, Rice/Cereal Bowl: $45, Pasta/Soup Bowl: $65. DIMENSIONS: Dinner Plate/Platter: 10 3/4" Diameter, Salad/Dessert Plate: 7 3/4" Diameter, Bread Plate: 6 1/4" Diameter, Rice/Cereal Bowl: 5 1/4" Diameter, 2 3/4" High, Pasta/Soup Bowl: 8 3/4" Diameter, 2 1/4" High. COLOR: Available in Bright White, Fire Orange, Light Aqua, Pink, Platinum, Red Hot, Spring Green, and Sun Yellow.

JS 157 Stoneware Price, Dimensions, and Color
PRICE: 5 Piece Place Setting: $265, Dinner Plate/Platter: $80, Salad/Dessert Plate: $50, Bread Plate: $35, Rice/Cereal Bowl: $40, Pasta/Soup Bowl: $60. DIMENSIONS: Dinner Plate/Platter: 11" Diameter, Salad/Desert Plate: 8" Diameter, Bread Plate: 6 1/2" Diameter, Rice/Cereal Bowl: 5 1/2" Diameter, 3" High, Pasta/Soup Bowl: 9" Diameter, 2 1/2" High . COLOR: Available in Bright White, Fire Orange, Harvest Yellow, Light Aqua, Metallic Black, Moss Green, Platinum, and Sumac Red.

Handcrafted in California
J Schatz products are handmade exclusively in our Los Angeles studio employing local artists and using energy-saving production methods. Each product leaves our studio beautifully finished, complete with a wonder-certified™ 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For more information please email, visit, or Call Toll Free 1-866-344-5267, 401-273-0500 International. Download Print Quality Photos.

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