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J Schatz Press Release - Sept 14, 2022


September 14, 2022

Jim Schatz
J Schatz


BOOTHBAY HARBOR, ME — We are happy to introduce you to our playfully exuberant Bilanciato Pendants. That's Italian for balance. We started with a sketch of a line balancing on a circle and brought our drawing to life by suspending it mid-air and adding color. 

Created in stoneware, Bilanciato Pendants are a dynamic composition. Balanced on a flat-sided ring, a hollow tube with integrated fully dimmable warm white LEDs shines light downward through two 6" slits. A slight breeze or the touch of the hand might upset the balanced composition but these pendants eventually find their way back to the center.

Designed to be used solo or in groups. Available in 7 combinations and made to order in any of our 17 signature colors. View the collection

 This Is What J Schatz Handmade Is

J Schatz creates objects that are at home in an inspired life. We love what we do and arrive at the studio each day motivated to create exceptional pieces of ceramic ware. Ware that will inspire you in your home. Simply put, we are redefining modern ceramics and have sold over 28,000 wonder-certified products since 2004. Yes we believe in this so much that we guarantee Wonder. Handmade in our Boothbay Harbor studio one at a time. Join us and please visit our studio, website, and follow us on instagram. @jschatzstudio

For more information please email, visit, or Call Toll Free 1-866-344-5267, 207-315-6440 Local/International. Download Print Quality Photos. Download Press Kit.

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