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Orange Peel Porcelana Uplight
Orange Peel and Pink Porcelana Uplights
Porcelana Uplights
Orange Peel and Pink Porcelana Uplight
Pink Porcelana Uplight
Porcelana Uplight Back
Porcelana Uplight Interior

Porcelana Uplights

$ 165.00

Porcelana Uplights

Translucent Porcelana Uplights are cut at an angle to create a dramatic light display. In addition to setting a mood they are also a perfect nightlight. Leave them on all night and enter a room without switching on an overhead light. Each lamp has a glossy interior finish with a raw, unglazed exterior complete with a 50,000 hour led lamp inside. Available in two different interior colors: orange peel, and pink.


  • Handcrafted Translucent Porcelain Uplight
  • Dimensions: 9" High x 5" Wide
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • 3 Watt, 3,000K, LED Lamp (240 lumens - equivalent to a 20 watt bulb)
  • Full Range Dimmer Switch


Porcelana Uplights are handmade by J Schatz in Providence, Rhode Island, and have a  Wonder-Certified 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.